Tuesday, May 17 2016

Are the pou cheats real? Where to find the working ones? Keep reading..

POU is a game that keeps everyone who play it engaged and addicted to it, thus being very, very simple to play. We guess that people love simple things. Well, if you didn’t hear about this game, we hope that you’ll try it after you read our article. And why? Because here we offer some of the POU Cheats, tips and tricks to make it easier for you to progress throughout the game. So POU is a living thing, a virtual pet who is expecting from you to be his mother- to regularly feed him, keep him happy, put him to sleep and so on. Maybe it sounds a little bit complicated, but believe us, it isn’t at all!


On the lower middle of the screen there is a food of your choice, just tap and drag it to POU to feed him. POU will also want to sleep when he is tired of playing, so there is a bedroom in which he can sleep. All you need to do is to tap lamp when his energy is low, and he will be put to sleep. Also, there is a game room in which you can play with your POU, even playing with the ball with him. One of our tricks from online tool is about food. Food is essential for progressing through the game and if you feed POU regularly, you should be able to increase your level fairly easy. However, POU can get too fat, so you must treat it with care, otherwise you can craft weight loss potion from your lab. Health potion is very useful thing here, as you can use it to get POU skinnier, which may have some advantages in various mini games. Mini game such as Sky Fall will require from you to have your virtual pet skinnier. Use one of our POU Cheats to be better at this mini game. Sky Fall is best played when POU is still little baby, because he can then easier evade the clouds and collect coins which can later be used for buying stuff. Also, if he is fat, all this drops into water, so thread carefully. Your virtual pet is also capable of not just wanting to eat, play and sleep, but he will also entertain you with his talking. Check out one of these cheat tools to see how it can be done. When your microphone is on, try talking to POU and he will repeat your words, which sounds quite funny when he talks. If this game seems interesting for you, you can download it from the Google Play or App Store and begin your adventure. Also, don’t forget to use the the online tool to get the maximum out of your pet. This game has been downloaded almost 9 000 000 times and now you can join this amazing community and start growing your POU or a couple of them, who knows! Show the world your talent and keep progressing higher with the cheats.

Monday, April 25 2016

Empire z, save the human civilization

After the apocalypse the humanity is in trouble and infected in Empire z game. The only safe area is the fortified walls of the city you live in. Most of the humans have lost their lives; the remaining humans are trying to rebuild the human civilization. But their job is not easy and there are dangers hiding in every step. From this short description you can already imagine that the game is full of adventure and thrills. You can play the game hour after hour. But let me give you a fair warning this game is really addicting and you cannot stop once you start playing it.

Empire z is one of the coolest Android based games ever. If you are someone who loves aliens and things like that then this game is made just for you. To restore humanity you have to constantly fight with the aliens and take your city back from them. The fights are not going to be easy. But the best part is you can build your own troop with players from all over the world to fight against those powerful enemies who are constantly creating chaos and troubles and they are now trying to destroy your beloved city.



The game Empire Z


The game comes with top quality graphics and the HD pictures are thousand times cooler than they were ever before. You will actually feel like that you are part of that world as the features are so life like. The colors that are used for the Empire z game are really cool. The developers did all the design with lots of care. This game has that voice which will make you feel that if you are not fighting well then the end is coming really soon. The voice is really bone chilling. The pictures of the buildings and even the persons who are walking are so clear that it will give you the real thrill feel.Though Empire z is also battle against the enemies and epic wars like the Boom beach there are many differences between Boom beach and Empire z. This game is more scientific and the battles are more realistic and you also invade other players’ strategies and help them build a force with you. The game is most enjoyed when it is played with players from all over the world.One of the special features is you can earn coins in the Empire z game by watching the in-game advertisements. This game is way ahead of other war based Android games. It’s more innovative, thrilling, and the violence is less bloody. So download the game and enjoy saving the world from bad aliens.